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In a nutshell, Third World Group is active within the Maltese communities, particularly in places with a high concentration of social problems, and works on issues related to sub-standard housing, illiteracy and the lack of basic material necessities.

The Third World Group is also committed towards issues in developing countries and people who live in emarginated areas in Malta. Volunteers visit families in order to get to know them better and know their needs. However, the group is more focused on the needs of the children, meeting them once or twice a week, depending on the activities planned during the time. The group organizes games, crafts, recreational activities and educational classes for children to help them develop their social skills. The group is however not a social work organization and its role is not to substitute professionals working in the field, but to be with the people and to help them find the professional support they might need.

Through awareness raising activities and by giving people the opportunity to do voluntary work in communities (rather than work groups), the Third World Group also tries to raise people’s conscience about social issues to make people aware of the hardships people face in poorer regions of the world and even in modern day, prosperous Malta.

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