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The group was formed by a number of students who where inspired by a speech of Mother Theresa in the year 1974. During the first years, the group worked with the poor in other countries, with the Missionaries of Charity through Summer experiences in England, Italy and North Africa. However after a few years, the group started to look at what can be done locally. They chose places where there was a high concentration of social problems and no presence of groups to help the marginalized. In the 1980's the group started functioning in Malta.

Along the way, some of the Third World Group members started another organisation, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust, the first group to raise awareness about Fair Trade in Malta. This happened around 1996. The two organisations had similar beliefs yet different aims, however they still work hand in hand when it comes to social issues relating to poverty and world injustice.

While the group started with strong religious roots, as times changed and there were different individuals having different ideas, the core of the group focused more on the working directly with the poor and building the community through the projects. Presently, everyone in the group is encouraged to strengthen their own values through the core values of the group of simplicity, hospitality and openness, love, community building and sharing lives.


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