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Currently, we have a number of projects happening at our newly refurbished premises. Due to this, we need more volunteers to help out!


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IT Educator Vacancy


As part of our VOPS project Explore your potential, funded by MCVS and MSDC, we are issuing a call for an IT teacher to carry out eight 2-hour teaser sessions with youngsters aged between 12-16.

This will provide an introduction to programming, by teaching basic key concepts needed to start appreciating the subject. The lessons should enable the children to work on their logical and critical thinking, memory and creativity skills. Ideally they will be encouraged to challenge their imagination by creating their own programs and finding solutions in different ways. Apart from giving them the knowledge of the essential programming techniques, the goal of this teaser course is intended to provide an understanding of what they can achieve, by adapting what they have learnt to create their own computer programs

The selected candidate has to prepare the lesson plans themselves, including the software to be used, the objectives and outcomes of each lesson. Previous experience as an IT educator with teens is required. He/She needs to be available to come and carry out the sessions at our premises. Date and times are flexible.

Interested applicants can send their CVs and expected salary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 27/01/2017.


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